About us

Bassi Srl: moulds for HF welding
We specialise in the design and manufacture of moulds for HF welding, guaranteeing high-performance solutions, and also supply die cutters, inserts, hangers, pantograph-milled marks, insulating materials and thermoforming moulds

Our company was founded in 2009, following thirty years’ experience in the sector, and soon became an important partner for companies that specialise in plastic welding and need good quality moulds and equipment for their processes.

With our own design studio and a workshop equipped with state-of-the-art machining centres, we are able to produce moulds for HF welding and moulds for thermoforming. We want to offer our customers effective support for high frequency welding, and so we also supply blades, die cutters, hangers and pantograph-milled marks, as well as insulating materials such as Mylar, Vetroteflon, lacquered Polyfilm and Vetronite.

Our strengths

Our sectors of reference

Because of the attention we devote to each process, our moulds are now used for the HF welding of sheets of PVC and derivatives by a variety of industrial sectors, including: • Medical • Automotive • Baby products • Packaging • Food • Sports equipment • Fashion accessories

Sole use of high quality equipment. Rely on our expertise in the production of moulds for high frequency welding.