At our site in Vailate, near Cremona, we design and manufacture high quality moulds for HF welding and thermoforming.

We have an in-house design office with CAD/CAM modelling software and a production department equipped with state-of-the-art CNC machining centres, enabling us to produce high-performance moulds for high-frequency welding and thermoforming.

Our technicians work together with our customers to find the best solution based on the requirements of their application, allowing us to create complete moulds and to ensure a timely after-sales service.

We are also able to supply single blades, die cutters or hangers, as well as the insulating materials required for high frequency welding, such as Mylar, Vetroteflon, lacquered Polyfilm and Vetronite.

Request support from our technical office for the design of moulds for HF welding.

Quality moulds for high frequency welding

Our production process for moulds

We oversee every mould from the original technical designs to the final checks, working with our customers to find solutions that optimise batch production and take account of critical aspects of application. In this way, we can guarantee high quality moulds for HF welding and offer effective support for everything related to high frequency welding.


Our design office uses special 3D modelling software, such as Rhino Ceros, Rhino NC and SUM, to evaluate the production requirements and create three-dimensional models of the moulds together with detailed technical data sheets.

Mould production

After the development of the 3D models, the technical drawings are sent to the production department. The moulds are then created with the use of numerically controlled machining centres, such as the Fanuc and Heidenhain brands.
On request, we can also make a prototype resin model.

Checks and assistance

After the production process is complete, the moulds are checked in a room equipped with Mitutoyo testing systems, to ensure they are fully compliant with the set measurements. We also offer an after-sales service to help resolve any future problems.