Moulds for HF welding and moulds for welding-cutting

We design and manufacture moulds for high frequency welding, overseeing the entire production process and ensuring a timely after-sales service.

We design Moulds for HF welding and moulds for welding-cutting in our own technical office, and then produce them in our workshops using state-of-the-art machining centres and taking meticulous care at every stage.

During production of the moulds, we make use of our own accessories, such as electrodes, cutting-welding blades, die cutters and hangers, to speed up the manufacturing process. In this way, we can create complete moulds for welding products for various sectors: medical, automotive, packaging, baby products, etc.

With our technical expertise, we can also create moulds complete with the company’s pantograph-milled mark, a detail which lends added value to welded products.

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